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About company

Magrof Company was established in 1999. Since then we have successfully designed collections for children who, after all, are the most demanding customers.

We offer a wide selection of children and babies’ hats and other headgear. Since 2009 we have been gradually expanding our range of children’s clothing, which has received a very positive response from our customers.

Our products combine the original, colorful design with high practicality and comfort which play a particularly important role in children’s clothing. All of our clothes are made with great care from the high-quality fabrics.

Textiles that we use are certified by "safe for children" and "Confidence in textiles by Oko-Tex Standard 100”. Also, for making silk-screen prints we use only organic paint with "Eco-Passport".

We pay a particular attention to each stage of the production beginning with project design, fabric’s selection and ending with product’s decoration. Therefore, not only can we guarantee the durability of our products, but also the safety and comfort of its use, which is reflected in the growing number of the faithful customers, who have confidence in us."


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Contact details

67-200 GŁOGÓW         Tel/Fax: 0048 76 831 49 62


Alicja Goc | język polski ; angielski 

tel.: 663 477 777                               

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